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 Ski jumping in Engelberg and Sporttip – a winning combination

Just as ski jumping in Engelberg has moved with the times, Swisslos has revamped Sporttip in line with today's environment. With the one, a bigger, safer ski jump – with the other, an expanded range of bets, significantly more sporting disciplines and improved odds on offer. 
What remains is the fascination for ski jumping and the additional thrill of following a sporting event that you have put some money on. You have to 
have tried it to understand it. Which is true of both betting and ski jumping. The big difference? For most people, placing a bet is way easier and much less risky. And what better place than Engelberg?


Winners all around

A large part of the proceeds from sports bets is used to support grass-roots sporting activities as well as large and small sports associations. Via the partnership with Swiss Top Sport, Sporttip also supports ski jumping in Engelberg and other sporting events in Switzerland. And if people happen to place a successful bet or two on the events, then everyone's a winner. 

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