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Ski jump tour

The Engelberg natural ski jumping hill can be seen from everywhere in the monastery village and makes an enormous impression from far away. What should the view be like from above? 

Experience the ski-jumping feeling on a 90 to 120-minute special tour and get immersed in the sport of the courageous eagles. When climbing the stairs and walk past the take-off table, the participants become aware of the inclination and size of the jumping hill. At the top of the run-up lane, you can sometimes lose your breath when your eyes sweep towards the run-out and you realize how much risk the athletes take on each jump. Nevertheless, the fascination for ski jumping can be understood, because in this way every ski jumper comes very close to the feeling of flying.

Our guides all have a strong connection to ski jumping and know this ski jumping hill like their own back pockets. In addition to the facts and figures about the new in-run track, the operation of the facility and the long tradition of the ski jump for Engelberg, the guides often tell an anecdote from their personal sewing box. 


Dration: 90 - 120 Minutes

Price: min 10 people / CHF 10.00 per person


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