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The biggest Ski Jump in Switzerland

This natural jump, which was converted in 2016, is a natural hill embedded in it surroundings of the Gross-Titlis. It is the largest natural ski jump in the world and the biggest ski jumping facility in Switzerland.

Overall hight HS 140 meters
k-point 125 meters
Total hight 135 meters
Max. starting length 99 meters
Min. starting length 77 meters
Run-up inclination 36 degrees steepes run-up in the World Cup
Table length 7 meters
Table inclination 11 degrees
Table hight 3.15 meters
Speed 93 - 95 km/h
Slope in landing area 37.8 degrees at 110 meters
Years of construction 1967
Modifications 1893, 2000, 2006, 2016
Capacity stadium 20'000 Personen

ski jump record


144 meters
Domen Prevc, SLO (2016)


142,0 meters
Sigurd Pettersen, NOR (2008), im Continentalcup


141,0 meters
Rekordhalter 1: Simon Ammann, SUI (2009), im Weltcup
Rekordhalter 2: Janne Ahonen, FIN (2004), im Weltcup